How to Transfer Data Contacts from OPPO to Huawei Mate 10

It is generally known that HUAWEI Mate 10 will release. And websites are scrambling to report the latest news from HUAWEI's Mate 10. As far as I know, HUAWEI Mate 10 is equipped with 6 inch 2K screen. and third generation HUAWEI fast charge. In photography, HUAWEI Mate 10 will increase pre Leica dual camera, the rear is 1600W+ 2300W pixel camera, front is 1200W+ 800W pixel camera. In simple terms, the HUAWEI Mate10 will be equipped with 4 cameras. There is no doubt that this is a exciting phone, with high-end configuration.

The configuration of HUAWEI Mate 10 attracted me. I'm sure it will be better than my OPPO phone. So I'm going to buy a HUAWEI Mate 10 instead of my OPPO phone. However, I hope all the data in the OPPO phone can be transferred to HUAWEI Mate 10, but I don't know how to transfer data from OPPO to Huawei Mate 10 directly.

Mobile Transfer will be able to solve the problem. This is a simple, effective and reliable data transfer software. You can use it to transfer contacts, text messages, calendars, music, videos, photos, App, etc.. The steps are simple and you can easily transfer data. And each step is accompanied by a hint or request. In addition, the software is compatible with a variety of mobile devices such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, OPPO, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE,. So your HUAWEI Mate 10 can use it too. What's more, Mobile Transfer can protects the data in the phone as much as possible. The data in the phone will not be deleted or leaked, only you can view and manage them.


One Click to Transfer All Data from OPPO Phone to Huawei Mate 10

Step 1. Download and run Mobile Transfer

You need to download and run Mobile Transfer on your computer. Next, select "Phone to Phone Transfer" from all the features.

Step 2. Connect your HUAWEI Mate 10 and OPPO to the computer

Use the USB cable to connect your phones to your computer. When two phones are successfully connected, they will be displayed on both sides of the window, and the HUAWEI Mate 10 should be displayed on the right. If not, click "Flip".

Step 3. Select contacts and transfer

There are some data types that can be transferred between the two phones, according to your needs, you should check contacts, and then click "Start Transfer".

Note: when transferring data, please do not interrupt the connection between the phone and the computer.

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