How to Transfer Data from HTC to Huawei P9/P9 Plus/P10/P10 Plus

With the smart phone hardware upgrades faster and faster, the frequency of consumers to replace the phone is also getting higher and higher. It is very common that people update thier smartphone when they are weary of their old smartphones. Users who finally decided to take a mobile phone in phone store often often faced with such a problem.

My fiend Stone is planing to buy a Huawei P9 or P10, he decides to sell his old HTC phone to the second-hand market. But the boss advised him to transfer data from the mobile phone to a new cell phone to reduce the risk. Being afraid of letting out the data of his old HTC phone, he gonna transfers all his data from old HTC phone to Huawei Honor P10. The issue of transferring the data saved in his old HTC phone must have been troubling him ever since the idea originated in his mind. This is where this article comes to his rescue by telling the fast, safe and convenient way to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, calendar, music, apps and other documents into the new phone.

Today, I take Stone as an example to tell you how to Transfer Data from HTC to Huawei P10/P9.

Mobile Transfer is a highly efficient tool that you can use to transfer the data between your smartphones in a single click using your PC as a go-between. Mobile Transfer supports more than 2000 smartphone models and can work with the iOS, Windows, Android and Symbian platforms. The interface of the program is clean and streamlined that guides you through the entire data transfer process smoothly. In addition, it also supports you to backup, delete, transfer and restore backup the data to the phone.


Steps to Transfer Data from Old HTC Phone to Huawei Honor P9/P9 Plus/P10/P10 Plus

 Just download and install the right version of Mobile Transfer on your computer, and open it. if you don't know how to get it, you can Google or baidu it. Then click “Start” and go into “Phone to Phone Transfer” window.

 Connect your HTC and Huawei P9/P10 with a same computer, Just wait for a while until your devices are displayed in the primary window, the old HTC should be display on the left side. If not, click "Flip"

 In this part,You need to chose the data you need in the middle of window. And then press "Start Transfer" to move them. After the transferring progress complete, click "OK".

Note: Be sure the connection between the phone and the computer are connected normally in the whole procedure.

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