How to Root A Huawei Phone Without Losing Data

As we know,things always don't go as hoped.Just for me,yesterday I argue with my brother and say that I would not ask him for any help, but today I want to root my Huawei without losing data and have to talk to him, because I know anyway he always can help me. I think brother is like this, we don't actually annoy each other. To my surprise, my bother just use a software to achieve my thought. Now I can't help sharing it to you.

What software is so useful? Actually, I reckon this software you may have heard, which is Android Data Recovery. Don't suspect, the software can not only recover varieties data from phone to phone,but also can help you root and backup data. During the following, I will put the priority of introducing how to root a Huawei phone without losing data.


Steps to Root A Huawei Phone Without Losing Data

 Connect the Huawei phone to the computer

Fist of all, you should download, install and operate Android Data Recovery to your computer. After then, you can do nothing but connect the Huawei phone to the computer by using a USB cable.

Note:Please enable the USB bugging on the phone's screen to allow the program to detect your phone.

 Detect and root the Huawei phone

If everything goes on way, then the program will detect the phone and find a perfect way to root the Huawei phone without losing data, which can meet your hope.

After the successful detection, then you can see a window,you just need to click "Root Now", so that it can root your phone.

Note: Be sure your phone is connected to the computer during the program and allow the Huawei phone to be rooted.

When the rooting process is finished, you will be reminded that your phone root completed, and now you can check and enjoy your Huawei phone as usual.

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  1. do u know how to access system dump menu for p10 plus phone?

    samsunng phone we use *#9900# but huawei phone this code not working