How to Transfer Data Contacts from ViVo to Huawei P9/P10

In addition to increase user viscosity, another characteristic in the process of development of smart phones is updated in accelerating speed. Perhaps you will have the feeling that once upon a time a typical phone can be used a few years, when using smartphones, almost a change in a year. This is not just the result of the improvement of living level and the change of consumption idea, more derived from the pursuit of more convenient, more efficient function.

But for the replacement of the mobile phone is indeed a little trouble, that ishow to quickly put the old cell phone data migration to new phone? Now more and more important data stored in our mobile phones. When we switch our phone, we need totransfer a myriad of data, such as contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos, call history, calendar, application, application date and so on. So is there any way to be able to more easily, seamlessly, and correctly transfer the date within the Android mobile phone to the new Android phone?

Next, I will take Huawei P9/P10 and ViVo as an example to share a convenient and quick way to transfer data from ViVo to Huawei P9/P10.

Mobile Transfer lets you transfer all data from the ViVo to Huawei P10/P9 seamlessly without any data loss. It can it can not only transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos, call history, app, app data, etc. and it also has a simple step, which makes it extremely easy for us to use it. In addition, It's safe and risk-free, and all content it transfers is 100% the same as the original one. Mobile Transfer It is worthy of our trust.


Steps to Transfer Data from Your ViVo to Huawei P9/P10

 Download Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac, and then install it. When you running it, you would see four choices, you need to select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and click on "Start".

 Connect your Huawei P9/P10 and old ViVo to your computer with the USB cable. If you want to transfer the contacts to Huawei P9/P10,  Huawei P9/P10 should be shown on the right. If not, just click "Flip".

 In this part, you would see the directory in the middle of thewindow. Please select the date you need to transfer. Then, click "Start Transfer" and wait until it finishes.

Note: Please keep your two phones being connected normally to your PC in the whole process.

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