How to Transfer Data Contacts Photos from Huawei to Pixel

After launched at earlier this week, Google's new intelligent machines Pixel and Pixel XL immediately accepted the reservation, and many users are quickly landing Google store to buy mobile phones.

True blue version of Pixel, Pixel XL models in the open after the booking immediately sold out. Now, 128GB version of Pixel XL has also been sold out. If consumers still want to buy this product or wait for Google to add inventory, or go to the store to buy Verizon, best buy.

In addition, the 32GB version of Pixel XL only black models available. The 128GB version of Pixel only silver models, but the 32GB version is also available in black and silver.

Google's new Pixel, Pixel XL has a number of features, but also the lack of a number of users want to see the function. For example, many users complained that Google did not add the microSD card slot in the new phone. For many users, the 128GB storage space is enough, but with the support of the storage card is a better choice. Some users who like to use memory cards may turn to other mobile phones.

For users who want to get enough storage space, they can only choose to buy the 128GB version of Pixel, Pixel XL. Although all the photos and video intelligent storage function can make Google's Pixel mobile phone users to shoot to the original picture stored in the cloud, do not need to reduce the size or compression, but if the user download size up to several GB games or applications, and the storage space occupied by the system itself, 32GB storage space is not enough.

According to the statistics, there are a lot of HUAWEI users are interested in this new mobile phone. Are you whether can't wait to buy a new Google Pixel or Pixel XL to replace your old Huawei phone? Before you can enjoy your Pixel, first of all, you need to transfer all data from Huawei to Pixel or Pixel XL. To transfer your data from phone to phone, Mobile Switch is your best choice.

What can Mobile Switch do for your phones:

1. Transfer all data including contacts, photos, videos, apps, calendar, text messages, call logs, music and more from Huawei to Pixel/Pixel XL, and vice versa.
2. Backup your data from your phone to computer.
3. Restore lost data from backup to any supported phone, including Android and iOS devices.
4. Permanently erase all data from your old Android devices.

This matter should not be delayed, let's show you how to directly sync all your data from Huawei to Pixel or Pixel XL in a click.

Steps to Switch All Data from Huawei to Pixel/Pixel XL

 Download, install and launch the Mobile Switch on your computer.


 Choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode on the primary interface and click on "Start".

Connect your Huawei and Pixel (XL) to computer via USB cables.

 Transfer whatever you want from Huawei to Pixel or Pixel XL in a click.

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