How to Transfer All Data Contacts from Huawei to Huawei GX8

Haven't started before National Day,everyone is thinking of the National Day is so long and don’t know what to do?. But when looking over the past seven days,we feel we seem haven’t own,and as a student party just tidy up loose mood start learning ,while as an office worker began to work.. In the face of such situation there must be a lot of people  shout National Day why so fast ah in the circle of friends. I haven't come yet. However, I look forward to National Day hurriedly in the past, so that I can receive my brother’s gift,which is a new phone, and I can change my Huawei P8 to huawei GX8. It is good to think it in the mind. But I suddenly think of a problem, although the original mobile phone is not useful, after all, there are a lot of my cherished data, who can give me a way to transfer the original data to the new phone mobile phone.

This problem is actually don’t need to bother, as long as you download a software called "Mobile Transfer" on your computer. Mobile Transfer is a software that can transfer data between phones, including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, etc. It can transfer a very wide range of data, including calendar, apps, text messages, contacts, photos, videos, and so on. Not only that, it is also very simple to operate, the following I will introduce how to transfer data from Huawei to Huawei GX8.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Huawei to Huawei GX8

 Select the Transmission Mode

There is no doubt that you have to download, install and run Mobile Transfer . After the success of the operation, you need to choose the mode that is,"phone to phone transfer".

 Connect Your Phones to Your Computer

Next, connect your phones to your PC via USB cable. Please ensure that your old Huawei as a resource phone is displayed on the left side of the computer, while the Huawei GX8 as the purpose phone is connected to the right side of the computer. Besides, you can also exchange their location by clicking on the "Flip".

 Transfer All The Selected Data to Huawei GX8

When your phones are tested successfully, you'll see a page with lots of options on it, and you can check all data. And then you can click on "Star Transfer". Here, you have to remember that during the whole transfer process it can not be interrupted.

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