How to Transfer Data Contacts Photos from Huawei to Mate 8

Huawei Mate 8, equipped with 6 inch’s 1080p screen, which uses of no border design. What’s more, it equipped with Kirin 950 eight core processors. In addition, its front camera is 800 million pixels, rear is 1600. What else do you want to know? It's built in 4000mAh battery, supports dual sim dual standby as well as full CNC, running Android 6.0 system.

I used the HUAWEI P7. But now the mobile phone’s replacement speed is too fast, less than a year, HUAWEI has released several new phones. Mate 8 is particularly attractive to me, especially its six inch screen. In the big screen mobile phone, only Mate 8 is to make me satisfied. So I did not hesitate to buy a HUAWEI Mate 8. And the problem I am facing now is that I want to copy the parts of the old phone’data to the new phone, how to do it by the most simple way?

Today's mobile phones are becoming more intelligent, while the software is no less than the phone. In order to give users more convenience, Huawei Data Transfer appeared. This is a development of the software for processing mobile phone data. You can use the software to transfer, delete, backup and restore the phone data. The process of accomplishing these goals is also very simple, you only need a few simple steps. In addition, in order to adapt to the public, now it can be applied to more than 3 thousand mobile devices.

Below I will demonstrate how to transfer contacts and photos from the old HUAWEI mobile phone to Mate 8.


Steps to Transfer Data Contacts Photos from Old Huawei Phone to Huawei Mate 8

 Launch Huawei Data Transfer and Select Mode

First, you need to download the Huawei Data Transfer to your computer and then install and run it. Then, the interface has four modes for you to choose, you need to check the "Phone To Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to enter the next step.

 Connect the Huawei Phones to Your Computer

Next, use the USB line to connect your phones to your computer. When the program detects your device, please check whether the old HUAWEI phone is displayed on the left. If not, click "Flip".

 Transfer Contacts Photos to Huawei Mate 8

When these two steps are successfully completed, you can transfer the phone contacts and photos. Find and tick them in the middle of the program window, and then click "Start Transfer". Finally, when the data is completely transferred to Mate 8, you should click "OK".

Reminder: When you begin to transfer data, you need to pay attention to whether the two phones have been connected to the computer.

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