How to Transfer Data Contacts Messages from Huawei to iPhone 7 (Plus)

As we all know, there is still less than two months to Apple releases iPhone 7. From all kinds of ways, it is not difficult for us to learn some news. iPhone 7 Plus uses a dual rear camera, the phone body is basically consistent with the 6S (home, speaker hole,sensor's position, etc.), but slightly different between 7 and 6S is that the whole body of iPhone 7 is slightly smaller than the 6S. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will still adhere to the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch, the former built-in single camera while the back of them also provides the interface for Connector Smart, it is said to support wireless charging.

I've been using Apple phone from iPhone 4, they actually give me a extraordinary experience. As the more about iPhone you learn, the more you'll find it's ubiquitous innovate. Last time, I changed my old iPhone 5 to a Huawei, though Huawei also is a excellent mobile phone brand, I still felt not accustomed in operation. So, as soon as iPhone 7 on the market I will buy it. But these is a trouble, how can I transfer my contacts data from my Huawei to iPhone 7?

After I consulted my friend about this trouble and they recommended me a software called Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer is a transmission software, it can transfer almost all data in your devices to other system such as iOS, Android, Symbian and Winphone. You data will be transfer without any lost or destroyed and the software is very easy to use. The following article will guide you.


Steps to to Transfer Data Contacts Messages from Huawei to iPhone 7 (Plus)

 Download Mobile Transfer and Choose the Mode

Download, install and launch Mobile Transfer, then you will see its four functions. Just click the blue one "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start".


 Connect Your Devices to Computer

After the program enter the next interface, you can connect your two devices to your computer via USB cables. Please notes that, the source phone should be set on the left and the destination phone is on the right. If you reverse them, just click the "Flip" button upper the contents list.

 Select the Data and Transfer them

Now tick the data what you want to transfer, let us tick the box "Contacts". And you can erase your new phone before using by tick "Clear data before copy". Then click the "Start Transfer" button. The transferring process will last a little while, please be patient and keep the USB cables stable.


How to Transfer Photos Videos from Huawei to Galaxy Note 7

"I have two phones, Huawei and Galaxy Note 7. I regard Huaiwei as a camera because I mostly use it to take photos and make videos. Due to some mistakes, I have no choice but to transfer some photos and videos to Galacy Note 7. I have tansferred data from phone to phone. I know how to operate, but I think that is very complicated and wastes time. If anyone has smart and good ways, please do me a favor."

Transfer on your own would make process tirvial. Most people lack patience at present. If you want to reduce transferring time and get the transfer done as soon as possible. MobileTrans is a good recommendation to you.

Mobile Transfer is a 1-click phone to phone tranfer. The usage of it is very simple and the whole process is click-through, so the users like it. It can transfer photos, videos, text messages, contacts, and many other files professionally and quickly. By the way, it supports different operating systems, iOS and Android.


Steps to Transfer Photos Videos from Huawei to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

 Launch Mobile Transfer on the Computer

After launching Mobile Transfer on the computer, please choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start".

And then connect your Huawei and Galaxy Note 7 to the computer simultaneously. The program will recognize your devices as soon as they are connected. Then, the images of your devices will display on the window.

The data will be transferred from the source device to the destination one, so you need to check and confirm the position of your devices. The Source should be Huawei and the Destination should be Galaxy Note 7. If the position is wrong, you can use the "Flip" button to exchange their position.

 Select and Transfer Whatever You Want from Huawei to Note 7

There are all file types shown on the window, so you can select the files that you want to transfer. Select "Photos" and "Videos".

Then you can click "Start Transfer" button to start the cpying process. When the copying data process is complete, the selected data are sucessfully tranferred to Galaxy Note 7. During the copying, please keep your both devices connected.

Note: Before copying, if you want to clean up the data on your Note 7 so as to free up the space, you can check the "Clear Data before Copy" box which is under the destination device image.


How to Transfer Photos Videos from Huawei to iPhone 7/7 Plus

You pick up your new iPhone 7 and you should be extremely excited and satisfied. But what if you use your iPhone only to realize that all data are still on your old Huawei phone. Are you down in the dumps when it occurs? What you need is an Huawei to iPhone transfer tool that rescues you from strenuous work of the data transfer from Huawei to iPhone. Phone to Phone Transfer emerges as the times require. With it, you are able to move contacts, music, calendar, text messages, videos and photos from Huawei to iPhone immediately and easily.

Now, you may have a number of photos and videos on your computer that you would like to copy to your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. So how to transfer data from Huawei to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? With the help of Phone to Phone Transfer, you can easily achieve this objective without losing any data during the transfer process. It needs only three steps in all. Now let’s look at how you can transfer photos and videos between phones very easily.


Steps to Transfer Photos Videos from Huawei to iPhone 7/7 Plus

 Run Phone to Phone Transfer on Your Computer

Once the software has been installed, you need to run the software and enter the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

 Connect Both Devices to Your Computer

Now, please connect both of your Huawei and iPhone to computer via USB cable, Phone to Phone Transfer should detect and recognize both your devices in a few minutes. The data on your source phone will be displayed in the middle of the window. There is a "Flip" button over the transferable contents and you can click it to change the position of the two devices.

 Select the File Types You Need to Transfer

You should then select the files you want copied to the new phone. In this case, you should select Photos and Videos. Finally, click on "Start Transfer". It will finishs in a few minutes if the data you want to sync are few.

If you want to transfer Music, SMS, Photos, Video, Calendar and Contacts from HTC to iPhone, then Phone to Phone Transfer will be a good idea to help you get it done, since that would be more convenient and timesaving.

How to Transfer Data Contacts Photos from Huawei to Mate 8

Huawei Mate 8, equipped with 6 inch’s 1080p screen, which uses of no border design. What’s more, it equipped with Kirin 950 eight core processors. In addition, its front camera is 800 million pixels, rear is 1600. What else do you want to know? It's built in 4000mAh battery, supports dual sim dual standby as well as full CNC, running Android 6.0 system.

I used the HUAWEI P7. But now the mobile phone’s replacement speed is too fast, less than a year, HUAWEI has released several new phones. Mate 8 is particularly attractive to me, especially its six inch screen. In the big screen mobile phone, only Mate 8 is to make me satisfied. So I did not hesitate to buy a HUAWEI Mate 8. And the problem I am facing now is that I want to copy the parts of the old phone’data to the new phone, how to do it by the most simple way?

Today's mobile phones are becoming more intelligent, while the software is no less than the phone. In order to give users more convenience, Huawei Data Transfer appeared. This is a development of the software for processing mobile phone data. You can use the software to transfer, delete, backup and restore the phone data. The process of accomplishing these goals is also very simple, you only need a few simple steps. In addition, in order to adapt to the public, now it can be applied to more than 3 thousand mobile devices.

Below I will demonstrate how to transfer contacts and photos from the old HUAWEI mobile phone to Mate 8.


Steps to Transfer Data Contacts Photos from Old Huawei Phone to Huawei Mate 8

 Launch Huawei Data Transfer and Select Mode

First, you need to download the Huawei Data Transfer to your computer and then install and run it. Then, the interface has four modes for you to choose, you need to check the "Phone To Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to enter the next step.

 Connect the Huawei Phones to Your Computer

Next, use the USB line to connect your phones to your computer. When the program detects your device, please check whether the old HUAWEI phone is displayed on the left. If not, click "Flip".

 Transfer Contacts Photos to Huawei Mate 8

When these two steps are successfully completed, you can transfer the phone contacts and photos. Find and tick them in the middle of the program window, and then click "Start Transfer". Finally, when the data is completely transferred to Mate 8, you should click "OK".

Reminder: When you begin to transfer data, you need to pay attention to whether the two phones have been connected to the computer.


How to Transfer Data Contacts from Old Huawei to Huawei P9/P8

Phones upgrade more and more often. No one would use the same phone for years. Huawei updates frequently, too. When you replace your old Galaxy Note with a new Galaxy S7 Edge,you may first transfer your important datas to your new phone. Contacts, which is a gerat part of the datas, is extremely important. Without the contacts in the former phone, one has to collect them once again one by one, and it's a process that costs both energy and time. But with the aid of Huawei Data Transfer, it will not be a problem any more.

Huawei Data Transfer is a data transfer program which is much more secure and convenient compared to the traditional methods. Traditional methods, which cost a lot of time and energy, to some extent, are quite limited. With the help of Huawei Data Transfer, you can transfer contacts, call logs, contacts messages, photos and other important datas between any two Huawei smartphones or tablets. Besides, it also works perfectly with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, Oppo, Motorola, ZTE, Windows phone, BlackBerry Priv and more smartphones and tablets.

The whole process includes total three steps, whic can't be more simple. Take Huawei P9 and P8 as an example, let's see how to transfer data contacts from old Huawei phone to Huawei P9/P8.


Steps to Transfer Data Contacts from Old Huawei to Huawei P8/P9

 Download, Install and Run Huawei Data Transfer

Run Huawei Data Transfer on your PC and the user interface will crop up automatically. Then click on the largest part "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to go on.

 Connect Both of Your Devices to Your PC

Link both of your devices to PC with USB cables. Then wait for Huawei Data Transfer to recognize both Huawei devices. Then, you can see the models of them display on the window and between them lies the transferable data on your old Huawei phone.

There is a "Flip" button over the transferable contents and you can click it to change the position of the two devices.

 Transfer Data Between Your Huawei Phones

Put a check mark before file types that you need and click on "Start Transfer" to begin the process. Make sure that both your Huawei phones are connected to the PC so that the transfering goes smoothly.

You can check the "Clear Data before Copy" box if you want to erase data on the destination phone before copying the new data.


How to Transfer Messages Call Logs from Huawei to Samsung Galaxy

"I've just finished my College Entrance Exam and my father awarded me a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for my great grade. I was enthusing about my new phone since I owned it. But recently I found a knotty problem. I use my old Huawei to contact my friends and parents. When I prepared for the College Entrance Exam, It was a hard days for me. What accompanyed me in those hard days are the stimulant messages that my parents sent me to encourage me. I was unwilling to delete them. But I can't find a efficient and safe method to transfer those messages from my old Huawei to Samsung Galaxy. Can you offer me a good solution?"

It's time for Mobile Transfer to work. Mobile Transfer does well in transferring content between phones running iOS, Android , WinPhone and Nokia Symbian. In the arena of data transfer, Mobile Transfer acts as a bellwether. Contacts, call logs, messages, pictures, videos and all kinds of files are all transferable. It is compatible to almost all kinds of brands of phones including Apple, Huawei, HTC and Samsung. The whole process can be summarized into three steps, as shown below.


Steps to Transfer Messages & Call Logs from Huawei to Samsung Galaxy

 Connect your device to the computer

Firstly, download and intall Wondershare MobileTrans on PC. Secondly, launch Wondershare MobileTrans on the PC and a window will pop up automatically. Thirdly, click on the biggest part on the window, which refers to "Phone to Phone Transfer". Finally, link both devices to the PC and wait for the software to detect the devices.

The data will be transfered from the source device to the destination one, which both are showed on the window. Check that if there is any wrong with the positions of the two phones and you can use the "Flip" button to exchange their position.

 Check the files you need

Select the files you would like to transfer. Just check the box before the file types that you need.

 Start to transfer from phone to phone

Then simply click on "Start Transfer" to begin the transfer. Keep both devices connected to PC until the whole process is completed in order to ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

You can check the "Clear Data before Copy" box if you want to erase data on the destination phone before copying the new data. It all depends on you.