How to Transfer Data Contacts from Huawei to Samaung Galaxy

"I received a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as the Christmas gift from my Mum, so I can say goodbye with my old Huawei Honor phone, but how can I restore all the data from my Huawei phone to the new phone?"

Finally, switch your old Huawei phone like Mate 7, P8, etc. to a new Samsung Galaxy phone, like Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 Edge or Note 5? However, all your files including, text messages, photos, contacts, apps and more are still on the old Huawei phone. You have to figure out a way to sync your files from the Huawei phone to Samsung Galaxy device first. If that's what you matter, fortunately, you are in the right place. This tutorial is going to shows you a specially designed Huawei to Samsung Galaxy transfer program – the Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer would be your very best choice for you to transfer files from one Android phone to another. It can help you sync any Android contents to your new Android device. You can easily have them stored in your destination Android once you purchased Mobile Transfer and listen to the instruction carefully. What you need is only a computer, a Mobile Transfer, two Android phones and two USB cables.

To get started, please download Mobile Transfer by clicking the buttons below. Install it on your computer and then follow the user guide to transfer your data from Huawei to new Galaxy.


Note: It is a trial version for free.

Steps to Transfer SMS Contacts Photos Call Logs Apps and More from Huawei to Samaung Galaxy Phone

 Run Mobile Transfer

After you’ve installed Mobile Transfer on your computer, just launch it. The primary window of it will show on your screen. The interface is colorful but clear. Then just chose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and click the “Start” button to go to the next window.

 Connect Both of Your Phones to PC

Use two USB cables to connect both of your Huawei phones and the new Galaxy phone to the same computer. If they're successfully detected by the program, they will be displayed on the window. Here you have to make sure which is the Source phone (Huawei) and which is the Destination phone (Samsung Galaxy). Click "Flip" to switch their places if necessary.

 Transfer the Selected Contents from Phone to Phone

Select and transfer SMS, Contacts, Videos, Photos and so on from Huawei phone to Galaxy phone: In the middle there are some check boxes, just tick what you wanted, and then click the “Start Transfer” button, and the program will start transferring the data you selected to your new Samsung Galaxy phone automatically.

After the transferring finish, click “OK” to end it. 

Note: Be sure that both your USB cable is well connected to the computer during the process.

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