How to Transfer Contacts from Xiaomi to Huawei

In this information age, mobile phone is our one of the important means of communication, so we often need to use mobile phones to exchange information, such as the transfer of contacts, photos, etc., but traditional methods are often cumbersome, Now, I will introduce a software-Wondershare MobileTrans,which will make our transfer contacts easily.

MobileTrans,is a 100% safe and risk-free software. MobileTrans makes it extremely easy for you to take everything, including contacts, photos, text messages, music, calendar, video, apps and call logs.It can transfer content between ios,Android,Winphone and Nokia Symbian,and I will show you the detail.tutorial on how to transfer contacts from Xiaomi to Huawei.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Xiaomi to Huawei

 Run the MobileTrans on Desktop

Launch the MobileTrans on PC. You'll see the primary window as follows. Click "Phone to Pone Transfer" and press "Start".

 Connect Your Xiaomi and Huawei to Computer

Connect your Xiaomi and the Huawei to computer by using theirs USB cables. After recognizing, MobileTrans will display your Xiaomi and Huawei in the primary window.

 Copy SMS, Music, Video, Photos, Calendar and Contacts from Xiaomi and Huawei

By default, all contents you can transfer are checked. You can uncheck the files you don't want to transfer, just check the contacts if you only need them. Then, go to click "Start Copy" to begin to move file(s) like contacts from Xiaomi and Huawei. Be sure not to disconnect either of the phones during the whole transfer process.


How to Transfer Data Contacts from Huawei to Samaung Galaxy

"I received a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as the Christmas gift from my Mum, so I can say goodbye with my old Huawei Honor phone, but how can I restore all the data from my Huawei phone to the new phone?"

Finally, switch your old Huawei phone like Mate 7, P8, etc. to a new Samsung Galaxy phone, like Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 Edge or Note 5? However, all your files including, text messages, photos, contacts, apps and more are still on the old Huawei phone. You have to figure out a way to sync your files from the Huawei phone to Samsung Galaxy device first. If that's what you matter, fortunately, you are in the right place. This tutorial is going to shows you a specially designed Huawei to Samsung Galaxy transfer program – the Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer would be your very best choice for you to transfer files from one Android phone to another. It can help you sync any Android contents to your new Android device. You can easily have them stored in your destination Android once you purchased Mobile Transfer and listen to the instruction carefully. What you need is only a computer, a Mobile Transfer, two Android phones and two USB cables.

To get started, please download Mobile Transfer by clicking the buttons below. Install it on your computer and then follow the user guide to transfer your data from Huawei to new Galaxy.


Note: It is a trial version for free.

Steps to Transfer SMS Contacts Photos Call Logs Apps and More from Huawei to Samaung Galaxy Phone

 Run Mobile Transfer

After you’ve installed Mobile Transfer on your computer, just launch it. The primary window of it will show on your screen. The interface is colorful but clear. Then just chose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and click the “Start” button to go to the next window.

 Connect Both of Your Phones to PC

Use two USB cables to connect both of your Huawei phones and the new Galaxy phone to the same computer. If they're successfully detected by the program, they will be displayed on the window. Here you have to make sure which is the Source phone (Huawei) and which is the Destination phone (Samsung Galaxy). Click "Flip" to switch their places if necessary.

 Transfer the Selected Contents from Phone to Phone

Select and transfer SMS, Contacts, Videos, Photos and so on from Huawei phone to Galaxy phone: In the middle there are some check boxes, just tick what you wanted, and then click the “Start Transfer” button, and the program will start transferring the data you selected to your new Samsung Galaxy phone automatically.

After the transferring finish, click “OK” to end it. 

Note: Be sure that both your USB cable is well connected to the computer during the process.

Huawei Mysterious New Phone Exposure, May Be Equipped With 955 Kirin Processor

With the advent of Huawei Mate8, as well as the launch of the international version, Huawei's new phone is equipped with 950 processors unicorn, in the end when it appeared natural concern. And now, well-known to run sub-site GeekBench's database appeared in a mysterious new machine Huawei trail, not only equipped with Android6.0 system and has 4GB large memory, and are equipped with single-core and multicore processors running points more than in the past Kirin performance of 950, so there are users speculate that there may be equipped with an upgraded version of the unicorn 955 processor.

Mysterious new phone exposure

Run sub-site from the information published GeekBench view, this mysterious new machine models Huawei has not been identified, was aware of the part it is currently equipped with Android 6.0 system, and is equipped with 4GB large memory. As for the processor, although there is no model has been exposed, and the clock speed is only 1.8GHz, but because the machine run score good points, such as single-threaded to 1913 points, multi-threaded reached 6870 points, so no surprisingly, then, should be the unicorn 950 processor.

However, due to the previous single-threaded performance Kirin 950 processor mostly in 1800 or so, there is little more than 1900 points in the performance, so there are friends speculated that the aircraft was not equipped with the Kirin 950 processor, but which processor upgraded version, which is the legendary Kirin 955 processor. In addition, this model is not recognized the new machine Huawei has repeatedly appeared in GeekBench, but single-threaded score more than 1900 points only twice, and did not label processor clock speeds.

Probably Honor X3

It is worth mentioning is that this mysterious new machine Huawei this excellent run sub-score was obtained at 1.8GHz frequency, so either explain Huawei is continuing to optimize the Kirin 950 processor, either in a test Kirin legendary 955 processor. As for the true identity of the aircraft, from the current feedback information posted it, the more likely users speculate Honor X3.

However, according to previous security Bunny exposure information display, it is considered Honor X3 P950S new machine is equipped with a Kirin 950 processors, and rumors that they will be loaded 800-megapixel front camera and 20 million pixel camera. However, if the current exposure is engineering test machine, then it is possible on the processor will be different, and whether it is safe or GeekBench show Bunny is equipped with Android 6.0 system and has 4GB of memory, which shows Under a system equipped with Kirin 950 (955) processor Huawei new machine will be the flagship of standards.

Likely to debut in April

And if the machine does the Honor X3, then the aircraft will be equipped with 6.2 inches 2K resolution touch screen, and will offer 32GB / 64GB of storage capacity options, there may be the same one-piece all-metal body, as the camera whether the specifications as strong for the legend, does not yet have the exact message.

Some Unfortunately, it is not clear this legendary Honor X3 will be released when, but according to previous exposure of the new year, China Mobile PPT leaked information display, Honor's will have a position in the new 1500-3000 yuan machine in April this year and the subsequent period of time to launch, so there could mean the aircraft in March this year, released, and then landing in the Chinese market around April.

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