Rumors Huawei P9 With 5.2-inch Screen Kirin 950 Processor & Dual Lens

In addition, Huawei P9 also may be equipped with 4GB large memory, and the main camera will be upgraded to 16 million pixels, the display or the level of support 2K resolution.

Despite the recent Huawei Mate 8 fired too hot, but with a suspected Huawei P9 Max's security Bunny ran sub-exposure data, or to attract a lot of eyeballs. And now, according to industry insiders on the microblogging @ Pan Jiutang statement, Huawei P9 and rumors as millet 5 will be equipped with 5.2 inches display screen, which means that this new machine Huawei P series specifications may have been finalized, it is possible official debut early next year.

Equipped with 5.2 inches touch screen

In fact, last month, is already Huawei P9 related news flow, and even exposure of the camera assembly, the machine will display dual lens design. And now, with suspected Huawei P9 Max relevant configuration in the event of security Bunny database, this new machine again appear in people's sight. According to industry insiders on the microblogging @ Pan Jiutang saying, Huawei P9 and millet 5 will be equipped with 5.2 inches touch screen, not only confirmed previous rumors, but in many people's view, may mean that Huawei P9 has been finalized, it is possible It will be released in advance.

Prior to this, there is news that Huawei P9 will use 5.2 inches touch screen and equipped with the new eight-core processor unicorn 950 with 4GB large memory, and the main camera will be upgraded to 16 million pixels, and supports optical image stabilization feature. In addition, according to foreign media speculation, Huawei P9 display may adopt AMOLED panels, and supports 2K-level resolution.

Parallel twin-lens

Apart from the core hardware significantly upgrade, Huawei P9 also rumors that they will honor 6 Plus uses the same transverse parallel twin camera with color temperature astigmatism lights, and or the first time with a laser autofocus system, to enhance the camera's focus speed. In addition, well-known people @OnLeaks broke past are still pushing on special exposure of this new machine dual camera module, but it seems to double front lens design, it seems that comes with flash and auto-focus laser-like correlation function.

At the same time from the exposure of Huawei P9 camera assembly, the machine seems to offer two versions, namely LTE and DELUX, but the specific differences yet have the exact message. At the same time, it is worth noting that Huawei P9 rear cover design seems a continuation of the practice of Huawei P8, camera and the signal bar portion is still plastic, and has a white and gold body.

Or release early next year

Huawei P9 also rumors that they will join the fingerprint recognition, and will use the same side with the glory 7i fingerprint control mode, to ensure the integrity of the design and ultra-thin body, while increasing security and better fingerprint, which for business people to He said to be good news. Of course, the machine is equipped with Android 6.0 system and a new unicorn 950 processor should be no suspense, while at the same time this is mentioned with millet 5, it seems to imply that there may be two new machines introduced at the same segment.

However, despite Millet Published 5 is still unknown, but rumor P9 Huawei will launch early next year on the CES show, in April this year compared to the debut of Huawei P8 release cycles have shortened, but the message is true remains to be confirmed . And for the end of this conference, Huawei executives in the micro-Bo said, Huawei Mate 8 will Huawei Huawei Smart Watch Watch launched simultaneously.

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