Huawei Mysterious New Phone Exposure, Equipped With 6.2-Inch 2K Screen & Kirin 950 Processor

Although Huawei past 2K display no interest, but does not mean that the future will not be equipped with 2K launch of the new display. Recently, the official release of a mysterious security Bunny Huawei new machine P950S "run sub data on the micro-Bo, and show it is not only equipped with a unicorn 950 processor with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM memory combination, but also loaded with more than 2K resolution display, which can be described as very rare in the past, Huawei's intelligent models.

With 2K Display

Although in the past repeatedly stressed that Huawei executives Yu Chengdong, 2K screen high power consumption, poor experience, use 6-inch smartphone not absolutely necessary, but it does not mean that Huawei will not attempt to use 2K resolution touch screen on the giant new machine Control screen. According to the release of the security Bunny official microblogging a mysterious new machine Huawei P950S "run sub data show that the aircraft is not only equipped with a 6.2 inches touch screen, and supports a resolution is reached 2K + (2560 × 1600 pixels) level, there are likely to be equipped with Huawei's first 2K screen smart models.

Other specifications Huawei while this new machine is quite powerful, equipped with a new Android6.0 system that provides storage combination 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM and loaded with unicorn 950 processor, security Bunny ran sub score of 73,000, wherein the 3D graphics performance as 16822. At the same time the aircraft also stressed that the security Bunny ran sub-scores from real machine to run sub upload, unlike the development board to run sub-score, seems to imply that this new machine Huawei is already in the testing phase, it is expected in the near future official debut.

Doubts About the True identity

However, this was not immediately clear the new machine Huawei camera configuration, the aircraft's true identity and there is no clear message. Although it was based on the aircraft, code-named "P950S", and is equipped with 6.2 inches touch screen and other specifications, suggesting that this new machine is likely to be upgraded models of Huawei P8 P9 Max, but because the machine supports 2560 × 1600 pixels resolution ratio of 16:10, it is considered possible that Huawei glory X3, as for the touch screen size should be to identify problems.

Of course, some people think that the aircraft may be Huawei's upcoming tablet, thus giving rise to such a display ratio and resolution. Nevertheless, this new machine can be equipped with Huawei 2K + display case, you can get such a good run sub-score, at least prove that the unicorn 950 processor performance is very good indeed.

Or CES2016 Release

It is worth mentioning that, although the identity of this mysterious new machine Huawei, but because of the end of last year, also came Huawei P8 upcoming rumors, so the combination of the exposure of the security Bunny ran sub Data for the real machine uploads, so that there may be rumors of Huawei P9 Max, and possibly next year on CES2016 Consumer Electronics Show in early official launch, making Huawei's 950 processor has a equipped Kirin new models.

However, the above comments are all speculation, the true identity of this Huawei's new machine in the end is what remains to be further verified, but at least 950 more processor equipped with Kirin's new Huawei new machine ready to go, in the first quarter is expected to be next year in succession and we met.

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