Huawei Mate 8 Published: Equipped With a Kirin 950 Processor

Huawei Mate 8 with 6-inch 1080p screen, equipped with Kirin 950 processor, 4GB of RAM, 1600-megapixel main camera and a 4000 mA battery, the lowest price of 3299 yuan.

Waited a long 14 months later, Huawei has finally released its follow-up models Mate orthodox 7 in the November 26, Huawei Mate 8.

Mate 8 in the design to keep the design style Mate 7, the metal one body, front with 2.5D glass, ultra-narrow frame of the screen, the screen size is consistent with Mate 7, is still six inches, 1080p resolution.

Mate 8 most watched upgrade, than the processor. On Mate 8, Huawei has finally used the long-awaited 64-bit eight-core processor - Kirin 950, While this chip uses 16mm process, run the memory up to 4GB. According to Huawei official said 65 percent performance increase compared with Kirin 930, power consumption is reduced by 70%. Kirin 950 on the GPU using the ARM Mali-T880, processing performance and graphics rendering capabilities are doubling.

At the same time, the use of unicorn Mate 8 950 chip supports fast charge technology 9V / 2A, with the 4000 mA battery is equipped with its own, Huawei said the phone under full power can be severe for a day and a half, almost two days of moderate use half. (4G Internet 19.9 hours, or 26 hours of talk time)

Mate 8 run of EMUI 4.0 support Android 6.0 system, the new system is based on the anti-Brush function, in case the phone is stolen, there is no user account with a password, even if the brush can not be used to restore the factory settings.

In the photo, Huawei Mate 8 equipped with a 16 million pixel camera, aperture of f / 2.0, support AF + CAF mixed focus, while supporting 720p slow-motion shooting. Front is equipped with a 800-megapixel camera self-timer.

On the network standard, Huawei said, Mate 8 supports full Netcom dual card dual standby, allowing the mobile / Unicom / Telecom SIM card in any combinations of two blind mate. This fall is indeed a good news for Kudachoushen telecommunications users.

Fuselage behind the fingerprint unlock the keys has also been upgraded, Huawei increased recognition While this key area, while improving the recognition accuracy and recognition speed than the speed of 7 Mate unlock doubling.

Mate 8 will have gold, silver, gray, mocha four color models, with 32/64 / 128GB storage capacity version three. Wherein 3GB of RAM + 32GB body storage version is priced at 3,199 yuan, 4GB of RAM + 64GB version 3699 yuan body storage, 4GB of RAM + 128GB storage fuselage version 4399 yuan.

In this conference, in addition to Mate 8, Huawei also released a smart watch Huawei Watch, in fact, before the watch has appeared at IFA, but did not delay release on sale in the country.

Huawei Watch uses a 1.4 inches AMOLED display, sapphire glass, glass, equipped with a heart rate detection sensors, motion sensors, pressure sensors, touch the motor, while the built-in microphone, support magnetic adsorption charge, supports more than Android 4.1 operating system for smart phones.

Selling price, Huawei Watch There are three price points to choose from, black leather strap models 2388 yuan, 2588 yuan stainless steel strap models, and brown crocodile leather strap models sold for 3288 yuan.

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