Huawei Confirmed That Mate 8 Will Be Equipped With Kirin 950

In addition to determining processor Kirin 950 outside, Mate 8 storage or a combination of pre-loaded Android 6.0 system, and provides 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, and is equipped with 16 million pixel camera.

Highly anticipated Kirin 950 processor has been officially released, and up to eighty run sub-score of the first equipped with the processor also makes the model has become the object of everyone expected. And now, Huawei Terminal official microblogging re-release posters, first determine the upcoming Huawei Mate 8 950 processor will be powered by unicorn, and was called "the most heavy annual flagship product Huawei cell phone." As well as Huawei insiders broke the news on the microblogging said, Huawei Mate System version 8 is already Android 6.0, and equipped with a emui4.0 interface, as the price of everyone's attention, then estimated to be low with version $ 515, high coordination version is priced at $ 600, a price lower than the previous estimate of $ 650.

Confirm equipped Kirin 950

It had been rumored Huawei Mate 8 will be equipped with 950 processor unicorn debut, and will be Huawei's annual flagship model. And now, after the formal launch of Kirin 950, Huawei also through the microblogging official release poster confirm this "Huawei's flagship phone of the year's most heavy products" will be equipped with 950 processor unicorn. Meanwhile according to insiders broke the news microblogging on Huawei said his contact Huawei Mate 8 engineering machine feels very smooth, the system has been upgraded to version Android6.0 and emui4.0, As for prices is estimated to be low with version 3299 yuan, high version of 3899 yuan.

Although the authenticity of the message remains to be confirmed, but such a price has been previously exposed, and then to say that Huawei Mate 8 will also provide a lot of cash, do not buy. At the same time in the past also called Foxconn employees claimed that Huawei Mate 8 has been mass production, is expected to be officially on sale in December.

Touch screen size doubtful

And for the so-called spy Huawei Mate 8, as well as Huawei insiders recently leaked on the microblogging said exposure model is not Huawei Mate 8, the aircraft's whole work is getting better and better, the size is between Huawei between Mate7 and Mate S, when there is a new functionality of commercial together. Although the Huawei staff said, "size" is unclear referring to volume, or touch screen size, but the combination of past exposure Huawei Mate 8 in frame photograph of Foxconn employees say, may mean that the Huawei Mate 8 Touch screen size is not run on the sub-site leaked six inches, there may be between 5.5 inches to 5.7 inches.

Moreover, according to Foxconn employees broke the news that Huawei Mate 8 uses ancestral appearance, but details of the more perfect, high light chamfering, and the gap difference are optimized segment, will have five color style choices. But there is news that Huawei Mate 8 despite the introduction of ID design without borders, but the "big black border" remains, allegedly in order to secure the quality. In the endurance aspect of concern to everyone, there is news that the aircraft will be loaded 4100 mA battery, so it should not disappoint on life.

It supports three standby dual-4G

Prior to this, the site appears on the running points GFXBench Huawei new machine NXT-AL10 is considered Huawei Mate entire network version 8, preloaded with Android 6.0 system, and provides 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM combination of memory, with 800 megapixel front camera and 16 million pixel camera, equipped with a 2.2GHz frequency A72 processor architecture unicorn 950, allegedly GPU chip Mali-T880MP4, but seemed to run sub-GPU performance is less than 810 and Samsung Xiaolong Exynos7420 processor.

In addition, Huawei Mate 8 also called low version offers 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM memory combination, and there will be a message claiming that Huawei Mate 8 has three standby dual-4G capabilities, support for mobile / Unicom 4G and 4G telecommunications at the same time net, but the news is true perhaps to November 26 Huawei to reveal the answer for us.

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