Huawei Satisfied With Mate S Sales, Will Release Mate 8 By The End Of This Year

Future Mate S and Mate 8 will be sold in the market as a combination, Mate 8 main camera performance will be more robust.

Recently, Huawei's cooperation with the fashion magazine Vogue held activities, after the event, CEO Yu Chengdong, Huawei's consumer business to accept a number of media joint interview, the interview mentioned in Yu Chengdong, Huawei currently impact as four thousand yuan price of the flagship model, Mate S Current sales of hundreds of thousands. Meanwhile Yu Chengdong also told reporters that the future will mimic the iPhone sales strategy, the Mate S and Mate 8 as a combination of sales and promotion in the market.

Mate S did not expect to sell the amount of glory

Although the price of 4,000 yuan, this impact had been transferred Mate S poor sales, has also been questioned overpriced lot of people, but does not seem to think so Yu Chengdong, he stressed that "in an interview in the future, two thousand yuan the following major products the glory alternative, Huawei brand mainly two thousand yuan or more, three thousand, four thousand, five thousand, so gear. "At the same time, he believes Mate S price over 4000, selling hundreds of thousands of units, the performance is quite ideal, but some time ago just released Qian Yuanji products Imagination 5, will be the final of a Qianyuan Ji Huawei brand's products.

And with Mate S is different from the main glory cheap route, together with the electricity provider channel sales, the ratio of current brand can already be shared equally with the Huawei brand, the low road is the glory of the series to get such a huge volume of important reasons
But Yu Chengdong also mentioned that electricity suppliers in overseas markets due to the overall level is not so developed as domestic, overseas sales glorious series therefore naturally also affected, has not yet reached the desired level expected.

Mate 8 is Huawei's iPhone 6s Plus

Turning to locate Mate S, and Yu Chengdong represents the future Mate S and Mate 8 will be sold in the market as a combination, this combination he likened to "and iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s same combination of relations" that this combinations of different products to meet the demands of the user's requirements. About Mate 8, Yu Chengdong, although in an interview that it would not disclose details, but still say a lot of content, such as Mate 8 will be listed at the end, a series of photographs on the body will be bigger than the Mate S, the shape will be more tough , endurance, processing performance will be compared with Mate S has improved.

Lack of fashion sense how to do? Learning Apple

Huawei's recent frequent cooperation with fashion brands, basic after the release a few games will take each tasting or special versions of the conference and fashion related to the fashion aspect about this transition, Yu Chengdong explanation for this change, "and when both into, "he says consumer understanding of Huawei's not enough, Huawei as a science and technology enterprises in art, fashion, cultural aspects of the relative lack of understanding is, therefore hopes more fashion events to enhance the image, more three-dimensional display of the mobile phone emotional level.

Not just the activities, according to Yu Chengdong introduced in the interview, Huawei has also been added to the product appearance and UI design team in a number of employees in the fashion, there are many foreigners, even revealed already have a former Apple Design Huawei will soon join the division responsible for the UI design.

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